Working with Dolphin can feel like swimming with the sharks

With jobs being hard to find in this economy, many people turn to Staffing Agencies for assistance.  This can be a wonderful way to assist you in your search for that next job, but remember, not all staffing agencies are the same.  We have heard reports of one in particular which has caused a lot of stress and anxiety in the lives of people.
Dolphin Staffing
17 Washington Ave. N., Suite 500
Minneapolis, MN 55401
We would summarize the majority of the issues reported to us about Dolphin Staffing as poor customer service type issues.  They would include
Not returning phone calls or emails
Not providing paperwork/documentation in a timely manner
Calling employees repeatedly, to the point of harassment, when they take a sick day
Telling employees that it is okay for them to take a sick day, unless they are using it to look for employment
Errors in paychecks
If you have additional information on this staffing agency, please feel free to post it here.