Ask for change

I found out today that there is a site where you can submit questions asking our new President Elect what he is going to do about issues, and if someone else has entered an issue, you can add your vote that you agree that this is an important issue.

Go to

On the far right there is are blue letters that say Sign In . . . fill out the info there, and then go back to the questions page and there is a search box.
If you type ‘check clearance’ into the seach box, you will find the question I posted, which is

How can we reduce the amount of money being lost to overseas scams? Full disclosure of the true time period fpr check clearance to banking customers would help. Currently customers are told that checks are “clear” in 24 hours, but this is not true.
ScamVictimsUnited, Bloomington, MN

You can also seach the term scammers, and you will find some other people have entered similar questions and vote on those too.

Let’s see if we can get a lot of votes for this cause!