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“Porn name” scam

I guess there is a new scam going around.  It is in the form of a Twitter “game” (I am sure that Facebook will have a version soon too) where you are asked to post your “porn name”.  It tells you that your porn name is a combination of your pet’s name, the street you live on and your mother’s maiden name.  Well, this is also the same info many people use as their passwords or the security question for people’s bank accounts so if you post it then you have given out that private info and people could get into your accounts.


Be careful!

Scammers on FaceBook

I  just read two articles


that are talking about how scammers are hacking into people’s Facebook accounts, changing their passwords to lock them out, and then sending messages to all of their friends saything that they are overseas and their credit cards will not work and asking friends to wire them money so that they can get home. Now, remember, all of these messages would show up in your inbox on Facebook with your friend’s profile picture right next to the message, making it LOOK like it is really them.

My suggestion . . . if someone asks you to wire them money, even if it appears to be someone that you know, verify that it is them first! If you have their phone number, call them! If you only have Facebook contact info on them, then force them to give you some sort of information that only they would know (remember, the scammer can see their profile so their spouse’s name, kid’s name, where they went to school and things like that are not safe questions)

Best option . . . call them to verify that it is really them. Or tell them to call you collect to verify that it is really them and that you will not send money until you speak with them. If it is a scammer, they may remove you from the friends list so that you cannot post on the person’s wall that this is a scam.

Here is the link that you will need to go to and report this scam if it should happen to you. Save this to your bookmarks because you will be locked out of Facebook and will not be able to get to it when and if you need it.