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Today on Discovery Investigation Channel you can want the true life stories of women who became involved with con-men and how they found out the truth about these men.

Women Against Con Men

Today I would like to share a poem written by my friend Casey Jones, who is the founder of WAC’M, Women Against Con Men.

As a teenager, I dreamt of boys to kiss….My mother stomped her feet and said “I’ll have none of this!
In my 20s, I dreamt of love and a marriage that succeeded…..What I got was a man that I was attracted to, but not what I needed.
In my 30s, I dreamt of children in my arms hugging me….What I got was lots of jet lag and lonely celibacy.
In my 40s, I dreamt of a successful career and stability….But reality set-in and I got lots of expensive therapy.
For my mother was evil and my brother a psychopath….To kill a pet or torture me, would only make them laugh.
To spend long years in counseling was in itself very hard and cruel….But I survived and promised God that I would live by the Golden Rule.
It has never quite made sense to me….If they were the sick ones—-why was I in therapy?
In my 50s, I dreamt of early retirement and a home that was paid for…what I got was a con artist who came knocking at my door.
But I’m not attracted to him, to my friends, I would plead….Oh, but Casey, he’s exactly what you need.
He attends church and prays at every meal…He’s a doctor and will love you with such zeal.
As soon as the “I dos” were said and done…He turned from kind and loving, into a barbaric hun.
And I quickly found to my dismay…..that I was the only one with money to pay.
Congressmen, Hollywood Producers and little old me, ALL HIS VICTIMS…..He’s lie and steal, then walk away completely free.
I was not aware that he’d been stealing for over 30 years….Destroying people financially and leaving them in tears.
So I kicked him out, but little did he care….. For thousands more, he thought would end up in his snare.
I searched and searched ‘til Active Warrants, I did find…..Newly determined to place the “Doctor that wasn’t” in a real bind.
With the Oklahoma police, I lured him into a trap….Two detectives grabbed him in Santa Fe, his capture was a snap.
And now I’m approaching 60 and wondering how it will be. ….That I have found a new career of victim advocacy.
It pleases me, to no end on my refrigerator to see….His VERY ANGRY mug shot, sharing back at little old ME.