Support Scam Victims United while you shop

Support Scam Victims United by shopping with the following retailers. Every time that you make a purchase at one of these retailers through our links, a portion of what you spend will go to Scam Victims United.

If you plan on doing any of your Christmas shopping online, please think about doing it with our retailers. As we add more, you will be able to find them at

Scams and the Holiday Season

I saw this article today,

and I just wanted to say that it is so sad that every year at this time we seem to see a rise in the number of people who become victims of scams.  People are looking for ways to make a few extra dollars so that they can have a happy hoilday season.  Many of them decide to sell something they own to bring in the extra cash . . . and then the scammers come along and the next thing they know they are even MORE strapped for money!  I wish I could just tell the scammers to give us all a break and take a couple of months off of work and let people just enjoy the holidays.

Help for Scam Victims at the Holidays

It is that time of year again, when we here at join together to help out others effected by these scams. This is a great way for those who have been victims and are now financially stable again to help out those who have just recently been hit by these scams.



This is something that is VERY special to my husband and myself since we became scam victims just before the holidays in 2002, and if it were not for the support of family and friends, it could have been a much different Christmas for us and our two children.



We call it our “Secret Santa Program” and here is how it works –

If you are a parent who has recently been hit by a scam and is now wondering how you are going to provide Christmas gifts for you child, please send a private message to me with the subject “Dear Santa” and in it list the ages of your children and one gift that they would like to see from Santa this year, along with your complete mailing address.  (Please remember that this is supposed to be for small children who still believe in the magic of Santa)



Everyone else that visits this site, if you would like to help to make Christmas better for one child, or one family, please send me a private message with the subject “Santa’s Helper” and I will then forward you the information of one family that needs help this year. Please only contact me if you plan of following through . . . this could be the ONLY gift that some of these children get this year!



And on a final note, if you do not wish to do either of these, we are looking to get official non-profit status in 2009, and we here at would be happy to accept any donations that will help us in this, and help to keep this site up and running and helping so many people. If you would like to make a donation to this cause, please email/private message me for information on where to send your donations.



If anyone has any questions, on any of this, feel free to email/private message me.