Consumer Clearinghouse Distributors, CCD

My grandfather got a postcard in the mail the other day with a return address of

P.O. Box 413019
Naples, FL 34101

It says that they are holding a parcel in his name, and to “see other side for immediate claim information” On the other side it says: This office is attempting to reach you. To claim this parcel, you must telephone the number below immediately and arrange for delivery. The item is prepaid, but a processing and delivery fee of $6.95 must be remitted. This fee can be paid only by telephone and only with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) Call 1-800-773-8591 The lower right corner says Consumer Clearinghouse Distributors, CCD

A recent story on this scam said this . . .

Consumers reported to the BBB that once they called the toll-free number, they were told that they would receive a necklace valued at $50 or more, and were asked to pay a $6.95 charge to release it. Consumers were then asked to give the company their credit-card number. The BBB said that consumers reported that not only did the company want them to pay the fee, but also wanted them to enroll in other programs that require payment of a monthly fee to get other trinkets and products.

Another story on this scams says
Postal inspectors in Cleveland said their counterparts in Florida are investigating the mailer. If you receive one, you can mark it “Attn: Postal Inspector” and put it back in your mailbox for your letter carrier to forward. Or file a complaint with postal inspectors online.

Here is the link to file a complaint