BP scam email

With every disaster, there is a new scam email to go along with it.  I was surprised when I did not see one just after the big BP oil spill, but I finally had the email show up in my inbox.  Here it is.


RE: BP Oil Spill Compensational Fund Promotions

British Petrochemical (BP) p.l.c.
International Headquarters
1 St James’s Square
London, SW1Y 4PD

Reference Number: 25512560/30

BP is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. With 104,000 employees in more than 110 countries, we play a key role in helping to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways. You must have seen and read in the media about the devastating oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, we like to state emphatically, that BP is doing everything we can to make things right. We feel a great burden and responsibility for the oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, Our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people have formed the basis of our General Business Principles for 30 years and remain as important as ever. We are convinced that our short- and long-term business success depends on finding environmentally and socially responsible ways to help meet the world’s future energy needs.

To show our love and regard for the inhabitants of this beautiful word that gives us the mineral resources in which our organization derives its great financial capital base, the Department of International Awareness/Promotions of BP is giving away £450,000.00 GBP as a commiserative compensational fund to the lucky winner in or promotional exercise. In line with that, we in the Department of International Awareness/Promotions wish to congratulate you on the selection of your email id from our computerized balloting system as the lucky winner in our Oil Spill Compensational Fund Promotions.

This makes you the proud winner of cash prize of £450,000.00 GBPs (Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds). In order to redeem your prize, send the below listed details to the given email address: bp_p.l.c@w.cn

1.) Full Name:
2.) Current Address:
3.) Country:
4.) Age:
5.) Sex:
6.) Occupation:
7.) Phone Number:
8.) Reference Number: 25512560/30

Your email will be attended to by Mr. David Anderson, who is Head of International Awareness/Promotions Department in our London Head Office. Once again you are reminded to send the requested details to us for acknowledgment, through the given email address: bp_p.l.c@w.cn or just simply click reply to and proceed in the sending of the above requested details.

Once Again Congratulations!!

London Head Office
British Petrochemical (BP) p.l.c.
Summed up by two words ‘beyond petroleum’