Laws fighting scams and fraud

I have been working with some people here in Minnesota, and we are making some progress on scam fighting. There are currently some laws being proposed and if we get them to pass here in Minnesota we are hoping that other states will follow our lead.
This is where we need your help . . . we are being asked to send the authors of this bill letters or emails telling them why this bill is so important. Some suggested speaking points are
That you have been scammed
That you lost X amount (we want the authors to realize the extent of these crimes)
Thanking them for caring and taking the time to sponsor this bill
Hoping that it will be passed.
Here is a link to the text of the bill for you to read
Here are the names or the people we need to contact, and links to their sites with their contact info
Could you help me by not only contacting these people and telling them how much we need laws like this to protect people from scams and fraud, but also share this information with ANYONE that you know that might also be willing to contact the above people . . . share it on blogs, message boards, Facebook, Twitter . . . anywhere you can!

3 Responses to “Laws fighting scams and fraud”

  1. Bunny C Says:

    I find it very funny that you are laying claim to this piece of work. You see, I happen to know that the legal eagle behind this is Jim Alt and he has been working with Jody Buell for the last 2 years. Jody is a member of and the yahoo group by the same name. If you are going to use something, at least give credit where credit is due.

  2. Cyber Crime Says:

    This is a great initiative. I got scammed by a website online where they got me over pay for a software tool subscription which I never got to use. Is there any way I can contribute to this?

  3. scamvictimsunited Says:

    Bunny . . . yes, I know that Barb and her team are also working on this same project. I have been a part of several meetings between people at AARP and the MN BBB on this topic also. The more of us that are working on this the better. I am not trying to “lay claim” to the bill . . . I am just trying to help see it passed. Actually, when I read it I saw one MAJOR flaw in it, but even if it passed in it’s current state it would be more than what we have now.

    Cyber Crime . . . follow the links that I listed, tell them why we need laws like these that will better protect consumers from scams and fraud, and once we get it passed in MN we can take it to the state that you live in to get it on the books there also!

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