Scammers use fear to get money

When a potential victim thinks that they might be on to the scammer, the scammer may use fear to try and get the person to send them the money.  Sometimes it is the fear of “I know where you live” and sometimes it is the fear of arrest, as once scammer tried to use in the email below . . . .

From: Charles Boothe ;

This is to inform you that due to your illegal action in the process of the Cleaner job offer to you concerning the check issued to you. I was informed by my bank that the check issue has been cleared and yet i haven’t got any reply from you,
For your information as you know all your contact details is with me so i have get the FBI informed,i also gave them your contact details for them to locate you. You may have any explanation to tell them and any information you may be holding for them concerning the payment i sent to you.I know they will get you soon,You may think that i have acted so rude by doing this but i am very sorry.You make me act like that because you never let me know what is going on.
I am very sorry for any inconvenience that i might have cause concerning this job offer and the way i act. Get back to me to confirm you get this email.
Best Regard

No matter what the scammer says, do not send them the money.  They did not contact the FBI, because the check that you were sent was counterfeit.

2 Responses to “Scammers use fear to get money”

  1. Judy Rogers Says:

    I have been contaced at least three times by these scammers threatening me that I must pay them or I will be hauled off to jail because I failed to pay back a “Cash Advance” loan I took out last year. They were calling from a NY number which is 646-470-0169. I told them I would take them to court on a counter suit for fraud. He then told me to have a blessed day and hung up!

  2. Judy Rogers Says:

    Please everone beware. I got a call last week from a person posing as as an employee from VISA/MASTERCARD. He explained the company could help reduce my interest rate on both my cards. We talked for a bit, and after gaining my trust, he quickly asked for my credit card numbers. I hung up immediately, but I am afraid that there are older folks who would not be on their toes and give out their cc information. PLEASE!! WARN EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO BEWARE OF THESE CROOKS! THEY CALL IN THE LATE AFTERNOON AFTER YOU MAY HAVE HAD A FEW DRINKS AND HAVE YOUR GUARD DOWN AS WELL.

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