Dating Scams From the Military Angle

I have talked about dating and romance scams in the past, but I recently came across an article dealing directly with Military Dating Scams that I wanted to share with you.

Since I am not a military person, and no one in my family has been an active military person since before I was born, I would not have known some of this information.

None of them use .mil email addresses that ALL military personnel have. These are just some of the tipoffs you should be aware of.

This is good to know.  Just like when the scammer contacts a person pretending to be with a federal agency, but they are using a gmail account . . . this is a red flag.

Some of the other red flags are when the scammer asks you to help them to cash checks.  The author of this article points out that military personal do not need assistance from civilians to get their checks.  Another line the scammers will feed you . . . they are injured and need help getting home because they are stuck in Dubai.  The military will always pay for any flight home, and injured soldiers would not be transported to Dubai and just left there.

2 Responses to “Dating Scams From the Military Angle”

  1. robyn wright Says:

    Unfortunatley there are a lot of scammers on this site and i seem to have met most of them , i have never sent money but they have all asked for it !!its not the money it s the emotional hurt even though you suspect them they are so friggin NIce !! a few of them were impersonting soldiers , and even a lt col. so all ican say is beware when using this Dating site especially soldiers from there saying they are on active duty in Iraq or Afhan ok Robyn

  2. Tracy Says:

    i was scammed over $20,000,but with this man called i realize all my money back and know as i am writing this the scam artiest is in jail,live in imprisonment,i am so happy to realize my money back and then have the person doing this in jail,if you are been scam contact this man and i assure you within some week you will realize your money back and send the person who did it to you to live in jail,i do not believe in this before until i get my money back i am so happy and will never do anything online again

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