Wire Transers

A recent article about scams and wire transfers caught my eye the other day.  Here are time facts from the article . . .

Rules governing wire transfers place a larger burden on account holders than laws on credit cards or debit card . . . . {the} bank says {the victim} may not have met required security requirements on his computer system — even though he has secured wireless, firewalls, anti-virus software and other protection — and so, the bank may not be liable to pay him back. 

I get really frustrated when I see things like this.  Why is it that the banks can sit back and do nothing, and put all of the blame on the customer!?!?!  When do the banks have to stand up and say “There are things we could have done to stop this, so we are liable also.”

2 Responses to “Wire Transers”

  1. Joe Arias Says:

    you gotta admit the banks seem to have things more slanted for them after the poor consumer gets stepped on and then left to try to put the pieces back together trying to repair their credit and personal life. I really have not love for the banks they have made enough of the back of the working people.

  2. willturner52 Says:

    There are many things that banks & business can do to protect everyone. The problem with many businesses today is that they lack interest in community responsibility. They fail to realize that, not only do scams affect the victims, but they cost both business & the taxpayers money as well. Shouldn’t this be enough incentive for business to become more involved in the prevention of scams?

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