LoveFraud ~ Should I warn the next victim?

The website LoveFraud is a site dedicated to helping those that have fallen in love with a con-man.  The owner of the site, Donna Andersen, knows this situation because she lived it.

When asked about warning the con-man’s next victim, Donna gives some great advice.  Make sure to be safe, think about your emotional state, and how the victim’s reaction may affect you.  She talks about all of these items in more depth on her site.

I’ve heard of cases where the victim was grateful for the warning and got out. I’ve heard of cases where the next victim has refused to listen and stayed with the sociopath. And I’ve heard of cases where the victim stayed for awhile, then started to see the bad behavior, remembered the warning, and got out.

I know that since I’ve posted the information about my ex-husband, James Montgomery, online, at least seven women have contacted me to thank me for the warning. They Googled his name, found Lovefraud, and dumped him. I don’t know how many may have dumped him without telling me. This makes me feel good.         ~ Donna Anderson


2 Responses to “LoveFraud ~ Should I warn the next victim?”

  1. Juliana Tocade Says:

    Hi, I desperately want to Warn/Alert Face Book subscribers to be warned by a man on the face book as a marine engineer, name ALAN SMITH. i have been shattered and a nerve wrecked by the time Alan Smith, finished with me, and he has con
    connection in Malaysia and his profile gets unsuspected females trapped through Nigerian operated Dating Scam. I was lucky, before I could give out large sum of money in US$, my lawyer saved me. Emotionally, badly bruised. He has acquired a new con by the name Nurul in Kedah, Malay. I want to advertise his photo from fb as a Scammer. Why is he still on FB?
    I wrote lengthy letter with detailed information to FB. No reply, and he is still there. This is epidemic level globally. Pl. advise me.

  2. Juliana Tocade Says:

    Hi, I thought I learnt my lesson from the above experience. But in my experience the Scam comes in many different form..for example, on Facebook as a struggling Artists..befriends you and straight away start calling you sweetie and baby and sucks you in..if you are emotional type like myself. Recently Dana Chabino an Artist has con money for his Studio and present + money cash as his birthday present..he showed his real side to me when I inquired if he had received $50.00 he said ..I don’t think I am wasting my time with this..his emoticon changed instantly from “heart to “toilet seat”. Please be Warned. I had been scammed for “healing prayers” yes healing and Art Scam.

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