Women Against Con Men

Today I would like to share a poem written by my friend Casey Jones, who is the founder of WAC’M, Women Against Con Men.

As a teenager, I dreamt of boys to kiss….My mother stomped her feet and said “I’ll have none of this!
In my 20s, I dreamt of love and a marriage that succeeded…..What I got was a man that I was attracted to, but not what I needed.
In my 30s, I dreamt of children in my arms hugging me….What I got was lots of jet lag and lonely celibacy.
In my 40s, I dreamt of a successful career and stability….But reality set-in and I got lots of expensive therapy.
For my mother was evil and my brother a psychopath….To kill a pet or torture me, would only make them laugh.
To spend long years in counseling was in itself very hard and cruel….But I survived and promised God that I would live by the Golden Rule.
It has never quite made sense to me….If they were the sick ones—-why was I in therapy?
In my 50s, I dreamt of early retirement and a home that was paid for…what I got was a con artist who came knocking at my door.
But I’m not attracted to him, to my friends, I would plead….Oh, but Casey, he’s exactly what you need.
He attends church and prays at every meal…He’s a doctor and will love you with such zeal.
As soon as the “I dos” were said and done…He turned from kind and loving, into a barbaric hun.
And I quickly found to my dismay…..that I was the only one with money to pay.
Congressmen, Hollywood Producers and little old me, ALL HIS VICTIMS…..He’s lie and steal, then walk away completely free.
I was not aware that he’d been stealing for over 30 years….Destroying people financially and leaving them in tears.
So I kicked him out, but little did he care….. For thousands more, he thought would end up in his snare.
I searched and searched ‘til Active Warrants, I did find…..Newly determined to place the “Doctor that wasn’t” in a real bind.
With the Oklahoma police, I lured him into a trap….Two detectives grabbed him in Santa Fe, his capture was a snap.
And now I’m approaching 60 and wondering how it will be. ….That I have found a new career of victim advocacy.
It pleases me, to no end on my refrigerator to see….His VERY ANGRY mug shot, sharing back at little old ME.

3 Responses to “Women Against Con Men”

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  2. Judy Says:

    That was written so very well; I wish I had had that poem in front of me before I was conned out of almost $60k. I still need to know houw to find out if a yahoo address with a .co.uk address has to be in the uk or it can be established in Nigeria. Does anyone out there know?



    I would like to know that to. I have been conned by two men that I met on the millionare dating website. One was supposibly from IL. and was in the army. The other was supposably from california and he was out of the country for his job. As soon as he got back in the states he was moving to Oh. and we were eventually going to be married. and he bought some gold from a little old lady and he got stopped at the customs and they were holding him there because he didn’t have a receipt for it and he needed me to send him money so he get back in the states to me. Yeah right. Stupid , Stupid me, Gullabel me beleived every word he fed me. I am that desperate that I can not see that I was being scammed? Yes I guess so but I sent him over $6000.00 before I said enough is enough. Then when I asked him he got all offensive and started calling me names… the short to the story is I am so tired of people using that there Christians, and God Bless, and everything

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