Work at home scams

The ads are everywhere, on the Internet, in the mail, posted on trees or at the local grocery store, telling you that you can work at home making money typing on your computer, or stuffing envelopes.  All you have to do is send in a start up fee and they will send you all of the supplies.
When the supplies arrive they are not forms to type up, or envelopes to stuff.  It is a packet of information that tells you how to place ads to recruit others to do the same thing.  Some people just lose the initial start up fee, and those who try and make it work will most likely end up losing more than they make.

How to Protect Yourself

One Response to “Work at home scams”

  1. Scams and Spam Patrol Alerts Journal Says:

    A friend of mine did the stuff envelope thing many years back only to find out it was a box of junk and wanting additional money. He spent around 20 dollars. I can only imagine how many people they pull this on. The lesson he learned is any business telling you that you can make money stuffing envelopes without letting you know what exactly your doing is a red flag. There are many work at home jobs and you should never have to pay to work from home. Now if its a business opportunity do your research look online what others have had to say about the business and then go from there.

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