Victims – Tell your story!

I will OFTEN get requests from media people for victims to share their story (on radio, tv or in print).  If you are a victim who would be willing to share your story, please contact me via email with your name, state you live in, and the type of scam you were a victim of (counterfeit check, romance, roommate, credit card fraud, 419, ID theft, etc.)

This can be a wonderful way for you to share your story and help to warn and educate other people about scams!

One Response to “Victims – Tell your story!”

  1. Damaris Molina Says:

    I would like help with an online romance I have been having with a US Army man that was stationed in afghanistan, then when for a short time to London and now he is in Nigeria. He asked me for money. He has been insisting for me to send him money but I haven’t sent money, he does have my email address and my phone number but not my mailing address. But then my parents found out that he asked me for money and that I was going to send it. But then I promised my parents that I would not send the money and I haven’t sent the money. I am afraid that this person is using this us solder’s info to lure women into sending him money. He has threatend to kill himself. He also said that he is going to visit me in December 22nd. My plan is to go pick him up at the airport with my father. He is coming with a friend. I really want to find out if he is the real thing. Because I don’t want to go to the airport and he doesn’t show up. Or there is another person instead of the person in the picture. He said that he wanted to marry me as soon as possible. But I told him that we needed to have a courtship of six months and he agreed. He will stay until February 2013. His name is Sgt.Clark Jefferson. His email His yahoo messenger id is sgtclarkjefferson. He gets mad when I tell him that I can’t send him. Also his friend’s name is Sgt. James Johnson. Hi yahoo messenger id is sgtjames_johnson010. The thing is James loaned Clark the moeny he needed and now he wants me to pay my part. $250.00. What can I do.

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