CUFF – Citizens United to Find Fugitives

I get requests and emails every day from all kinds of scam victims, and I can offer advise to those that are dealing with the internet scams that we focus on at but sometimes I will get an email from someone that has been scammed by someone that they knew or lived with, and that is when I need to turn to other groups for assistance since we do not have experience in these sorts of scams.

Recently, I was looking for assistance for just this type of situation, and in my searching came across the group CUFF – Citizens United to Find Fugitives.  This group is much like ours, as it was formed by people who were victims and did not want to see this sort of thing happen to others.  Their site includes a database of fugitives, along with information and resources for victims.

It is great to know that there are groups like this out there.


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