Secret Shopper Scams

Since the Secret Shopper and Mystery Shopper scams seems to be increasing, I wanted to post an example of the email that the scammer would send to their would be victim.

Dear Representative,
You have been selected for an assignment as a Mystery Shopper. You willearn $300 been a mystery shopper. Your employment packet will includefunds for the shopping, a training assignment which will be sent to youon the same day you receive payment for the assignment. A Pay check would be sent toyou for the assignment in the form of a Check or money order. The paycheck would be for a certain amount which you would be required to cash atyour bank, deduct your salary and have the rest used for the evaluation atthe store that would be given to you to evaluate.Get back with the following details if interested

Email me the below details:
Full Name:
Full Address (Not
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
lternative Email Address:

As a mystery shopper you work and shop together for pleasure and the payis $300 weekly on Part time basis, You only work 2-3hours twice in aweek. Do get back to the recruiting department of Mystery Shopper Inc.

You may contact me at
Chad Stinson
Personnel Manager

2 Responses to “Secret Shopper Scams”

  1. Audie F. Villanueva Says:

    I am a victim of mystery shoppe scam. I was given 18counterfeit money order at the amount of $988.00 each. My assignment was to cash these fake money order and then send it back to them thru western union. In the mean time I was to evaluate the service of these western union. By the time I had realized that these were fake money order I had cash ten of them. Now I am $10,000 in debts because of this. Here a the person with mulitiple names, phone number and email address. I have a suspicion that they are operating in Los Angeles CA, since the Federal Express that I had recieved adress from different state, but it originated in North Hill, CA. Alos even thought the westrn union I sent was sent overseas, I was also ingformed that it was picked up in Southern Cal. Here are the name of responsible party, Steve Tokle, Mimi KimoraBrian Sawyer, and Gary May. email:,,,, phone number are (714) 798-5691 or (603)446-6379

  2. saimun noisha Says:

    Hi, new just want to tell you story that happened to couple days a go..ok i put an application for mystery shoppers online .i received a letter on thanksgiving
    saying that they would like me to do some jobs, and they sent me a $2,550.00 check. So i call the the people whose name is on the letter and talked to him to see if the was real, he told me to just go a head and deposit the money in the bank .I deposited the money and then was told to go and spend the money at Walmart, Walgreen’s, and send someone money from Western Union. So when i deposited the check in the bank the bank told it will clear in couple of days. they kept calling to finish job so he assigned me another job ,,i told him it will done on Wednesday. I took out $2000.50 from the bank and $1950 was suppose to go to Western Union or back to them i guess and the 115 dollars was the Western Union fee to send the money. I called them back saying that all my jobs were done, and he replied with okay we will be sending you your next group of jobs soon. On Saturday, when i went to deposit one of my check’s from work, the bank told me that they have frozen my account because the check that the mystery shopper’s sent was a fraud and i was left with a negative amount of money and so the check that i put from my work had to make up for some of the missing money. I still have -700 dollars under my account due to this scam. I have reported this to the police and i found out that many people have been scammed with this. I am telling you this because since it is the holidays and everyone is looking for easy money, many will jump at this opportunity. So i just wanted you to warn your veiws about this.. What I have been going through last couple off day no one knows I three daughters not having any money ,no gas in my car ,cannot buy food can not pay bills knowing what i am going to earning for next couple of pay check will be going on my to pay of my negative balance on my account I haven ask for some help from families but during this time no one enough, Thank you for listening to me I have been scammed big time.I have all the profs .My local channel has already put it in the news .please help me out.Hear me out nisha

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