More scam emails

Don’t you love it when Banks use gmail accounts

Reply To:

I am Mr. Makana Benson A manager with one of the major
banks in South Africa.

I am in a position to Move a chunk of money  out of the vault
of my bank although legally. The money was owned by a
customer who died long ago and we couldn’t get
trace of anyone to claim his money, despite desperate
search for a next of kin.

The rules and ethics of our banking regulations demands
that, after 8yrs of unclaimed funds (money) the
money would be forfeited to the Bank and declared surplus
and paid into the states accounts.

Since I am the manager who is in charge of
this unclaimed money, I have perfected legaly  means of
making you stand as the next of kin to the late fellow
as a foreigner.

This is risk free as all legal backings are present and
would be detailed to you once I have gained your
trust and certainty that we can be friends and trust in
you. You would be handsomely rewarded with 30% of the
total sum.

I will disclose some vital information about the late owner
  0f the funds and how he died and the name
of my bank once I have gained your trust.  I expect your
utmost response to this email.

Please in your reply let me have your contact telephone
numbers so I can call you and explain more to you.

Makana Benson

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