Email verification scam

Here is a scam email that I just got today . . .

Dear CS.COM Owner
Dear CS.COM Account Owner,
This message is from the CS.COM technical support department messaging center to all CS.COM Webmail account owners. Due to high rate of spam and scam phishing emails you receive to your mail box,We hereby use this medium to inform you that we will be carrying out some maintenance/Upgrading operations inorder to install in your mail box aspam detection/blocker to your mail box, This will also Increase the Storage bite of your mail and also protect your mail box from spam. As a result of this we will be deleting all expired and unused account to create more rooms for new updated/upgraded ones. To prevent your account from being closed unnecessarily, you will have to update us with the following information’s below for propal verifications to prevent the unwarranted close of your email account.
1.Full Email Address:………………….
3. Re-type password:………………..
4.age/country:…………….. of birth:…………….
6.First name/Last name:………….
Warning Code:VX2G99AAJWarning!!!
Account owner that refuses to update his or her account Within Three days of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently. Thank you for using CS.COMWebmail!
Warning Code:VX2G99AAJ
Thanks,CS.COM Alert team

The give away for this one was that it came from a gmail account and it was asking for my age and date of birth . . . why would my email service need that info???

Shawn Mosch
Co-Founder of
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3 Responses to “Email verification scam”

  1. Joachim (Jo) Says:

    Yeah! That’s a pure scam mail… Read it again :

    If they want to get the password of your account, why they are asking it twice ???

    This is one of others proofs that this mail is constructed – to scam.

    Thanks for your informations, and urself, be also carefull !

    Have a great day,

    Joachim / Jo / (aka “Asterix” on some sites)

  2. scam Says:

    Be aware of Domainsponsor scam company. This company operates under domainsponsor and oversee names and washes money via oversee company. Tax fraud and cheating is what they do. Stay away from them. Classaction lawsuit is coming.

  3. RAFIQ Says:

    Sir, i applied for this job(Nani/care taker) to
    online (i want to clear it is it fraud or true ) kindly confirm

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    i)You will have to contact my travel agent here in United Kingdom because they are the one responsible for the processing of your needed legal travel documents and other necessary documentation for you to work here in our home.
    Note:The total cost for the processing of your travel documents is 1000 pounds but i am Willing to help you with the sum of 600 on your behalf so you are expected to provide the sum of 400pounds . Hope you understand?
    ii)The processing of your travel documents and other needed documents for you to work in our home takes 5 to 7 working days as soon as you get back to the travel agency with the full needed requirements for the processing of your documents .
    iii)You will have to email the travel agency so that you can have the full list of the necessary information’s and requirements you need to pass for the processing of your flight documents
    the travel agent contact mail is (

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