Introducing The Fraud Ladies

I have joined forces with Annie McGuire of for a new blog called

2 Responses to “Introducing The Fraud Ladies”

  1. securityscene Says:

    If you have been the victim of a 419 scam, mail fraud, and other internet related scams we want to hear from you!!

    Be sure to visit, leave us a comment and fill in the poll.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. CE Says:

    Fraud comes in all personalities. He was married 5 times, no real job, the promise
    of things to come. His developments were always being developed. He’d show me store fronts, and he was the head of this and that. He put everything in my name, to give me all if something happened. I didn’t sign for any of this up front. He wanted the power of Attorney over myself and my aging parents. He had to have other women in his life, but promised they would never be in our home. Candles burnt, long blond hair in the bathroom, Champagne bottle half used in the fridge.
    Late nights, with friends of his, one came about his flirting heavily, with the
    next person to be in line for marriage. I had no idea what I was involved in, and so many lies he told. Never much money, I was the lilly pad to his next victim. Hundreds of thousands of dollars out the door, after his schemes. You are away from family and friends, quiet, lonely, at times not sure what to believe. I was hidden from many, such an uncomfortable feeling. Secrets, secrets, so many. Cashed my checks from the phone company into a joint account, later found he was paying the next persons car insurance. At times after a long trip he would forget to pick me up, I sat 4 hours before I could reach him to come get me. No money to call a cab. Any bonus went to pay late bills. They can be so conniving. I was accused of fraud, which was proven not to be, but they continued with accusations. I think I began to hold my breath after awhile. He claimed he was a “COUNT”, He knows how to sway the ladies his way, nicely dressed, nice places to eat. A real charmer. Often I’d be instructed not to say anything, or stay in the car. He drained me completely, very little trust for others. He continues to marry, one right after the other. All legal. Less than 2 weeks after the divorce, he remarries.

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