Consumer Clearinghouse Distributors, CCD

My grandfather got a postcard in the mail the other day with a return address of

P.O. Box 413019
Naples, FL 34101

It says that they are holding a parcel in his name, and to “see other side for immediate claim information” On the other side it says: This office is attempting to reach you. To claim this parcel, you must telephone the number below immediately and arrange for delivery. The item is prepaid, but a processing and delivery fee of $6.95 must be remitted. This fee can be paid only by telephone and only with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) Call 1-800-773-8591 The lower right corner says Consumer Clearinghouse Distributors, CCD

A recent story on this scam said this . . .

Consumers reported to the BBB that once they called the toll-free number, they were told that they would receive a necklace valued at $50 or more, and were asked to pay a $6.95 charge to release it. Consumers were then asked to give the company their credit-card number. The BBB said that consumers reported that not only did the company want them to pay the fee, but also wanted them to enroll in other programs that require payment of a monthly fee to get other trinkets and products.

Another story on this scams says
Postal inspectors in Cleveland said their counterparts in Florida are investigating the mailer. If you receive one, you can mark it “Attn: Postal Inspector” and put it back in your mailbox for your letter carrier to forward. Or file a complaint with postal inspectors online.

Here is the link to file a complaint


11 Responses to “Consumer Clearinghouse Distributors, CCD”

  1. Rula Papoutsis Says:

    Consumer Clearinghouse Distributors seemed to be an upfront business albeit their backhanded approach to membership. This company should really be investigated for their practices. I took a chance and enrolled to receive their first gift and was happy enuff with it to keep it and be automatically enrolled in their membership. Their invoice stated that I could cancel anytime by simply calling the number listed. Thinking that their association with Publisher Clearinghouse , who has always been extremely fair to the customer, would insure similar practices accepted the first piece of jewellry then proceeded to call the number to cancel any further items being sent. The number I called failed three times in one shot and continued to do so every time I called. I was at a loss as to what to do. This morning I checked the balance in my bank account and after viewing CCD automatic withdrawal called the number on my statement. After harangueing and constant attempts to continue selling me their products , I lost my temper completely and demanded to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold three times and stalled incessantly only to learn that there was nothing I could do about the charge but cancel any future charges . I would have to wait till they sent me the product , which they assured me they had and I would have to send it back for a refund minus their postal costs. There is nothing fair or ethical about these practices and it is quite obvious ,unlike PCH, they are going for the short term scam than the long term customers satisfaction. CONSUMER CLEARINGHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS SUCK!
    Their products are cheap made in china dime store versions of the real thing. I hardly think IOLITE is equal to the diamonds and sapphires they promise to send. I am not an idiot and di not expect top of the line product. What I did expect was to be able to contact and cancel when I wished rather than this delay which resulted in more charges. I will be making any effort i can to warn others and report this crap company for its practices. Its employees were less than human as well. Everyone should be fined and fired for taking part in this.

  2. scamvictimsunited Says:

    Thank you for posting your story here. I hope that it will end up helping others.

    Have you contacted your local media to share this story with them?

  3. Carol Brown Says:

    I too was sent a post card stating that they had a shipment waiting in my name.

  4. c. foree Says:

    May 21 2012. I received a call from customer clearing house, they were claiming that I had just won 500,000.00 dollars and all he was to do was to verify some information. Then he would turn me over to his suppervisor to finish up. Well I couldnt get excited enough. stated that ive received letters in the mail, and checks and theyve all turned out to be fake. Well he reasured me that they were real. then shortly after wards we were disconnected. I tried to call the number back but my phone said it was a non working number. Then it gave a code (KB231). The one name I remember was ? Rogers (the suppervisor) and the phone number was 404 968 8490. Ive received card in the mail as well but called once, now I just tear them up and through them away.

  5. Sally Fielder Says:

    same thing happened to me.. Got a call from 1-717-584-0060 claiming I had won $500.000.00 from Consumer Clearing House….wanted me to verify my name and address. They claimed to be in Philadelphia, Pa. They told me two days later, I would receive by ICE Couriers my check between the hours of 9 am and 11 am..but they needed a little more sensitive information. Also said that they had sent me a letter in the mail, which I dont remember getting.. Asked me did I have a visa card and did I have a savings or checking acct. I reluctantely said yes…but was smart enough not to give them out my account numbers or the bank I deal with.The guy claimed to be one Ethan Prescott and then said he had to turn me over to one of the top lawyers that handle these financial transactions and his name was Robert Youmg and he worked for a law firm out Of Philadelphia,Pa. called Stevens Young & Associates.(there is such a firm, but went on line and could not find this guys name anywhere.)He claimed to be their international tax lawyer and said my funds were coming from over seas.The IRS he said would make me pay $216,000.00 taxes on the money but he could reduce the price to $65,000.00.It seems he said that HSBC of the largest banks in the world would pay that amount for me and after I received the $5000.000.00 check that I could go directly to my bank and deposit, and then in return pay HSBC their money back…but I would have to pay a small portion ot the money to them up front as a goodwill of faith to them now….he went on to say let me figure what your percentage would be…then he put me on hold he said for a minute, and never came back…I wasnt excited..even told them it would be really nice if it were true, but Im pretty sure its not…of course they told me it was very much real…and how happy they were for me..I knew from the git go it was a scam..just wanted to see, I guess how far they would go with it..never heard back from them…oh and they did ask me how long had I been playing sweepstakes…told them not long..just do it once in a while for fun..but the sad truth is there are so many scamers out there anymore that you just dont know who to trust and who not to trust!

  6. linda Says:

    i got a phone call they said i won 500,000.00 but i would have to load a green dot card with 299.00 and will not quit calling me. the number was from jamaca 8763530951 don’t fall for it i called the cops and reported them. they just called me back again because i told them it was a fraud. he put his manager on the phone and when i told him i was told i didn’t have to pay for winning he hung up.

  7. Sharon Brower Says:

    Well, I guess I’m just one in a long line as I received the Consumers Clearing House call from a law firm in Naples FL; Harvey Lockwood & Assoc. This caller tried to get me excited about winning the $500,000 but I told him I would be aghast if it were true. He didn’t ask for any money but his voice became different when he found out I was married. He then said that he needed to have my husband on the phone with me and said he would call back tomorrow around the same time when my husband would be here. He also told me that the check would be delivered by courier on Monday between 9 and 11 AM.
    I attempted to call back to check the number but it has had a busy signal each time. You would think the script would be changed but it seems like the only differance is the city and state.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice though! I went to Just Answer to get advice from an atty. She directed me to this site.

  8. donna Says:

    they have called me twice already, from 1-727-495-0145 Naples Florida and a law firm called Harvey,Lockwood,&Asst.
    being older does not make a person stupid!

  9. Judy Shedd Scott Says:

    I got a phone call that said they were calling about my cash award. They said they were from a particular lawfirm, which I didn’t get the whole name of. They were from consumers clearinghouse. They asked if I remembered entering and I said no. They said they were associated with Publishers Clearinghouse – it was the same thing. I said I hadn’t entered in a long time. They said “was it in the last year?”. I said yes, because I probably had. They said they were surprised I didn’t know about my award, didn’t I receive a blue envelope in the mail? I said no. They said lots of things can get lost in the mail. They verified my address. They then said that i hadn’t won the big prize, but I had won the second prize. They told me to sit down, which I didn’t because I already suspected it was a scam. They then told me it was $500,000. I said “ok, but I don’t believe you”. I was then disconnected. They did not call back. Caller ID said it was a wireless caller at 803-847-5638. I called Publishers Clearinghouse who assured me they don’t work that way.

  10. SJW Says:

    I have received the call 3 times telling me I have won the 500,000.00. When I declined to provide bank or credit card information, they hung up. The story was they are a law firm in S. Carolina, etc. Nearly identical to other posts. Don’t fall for their scam.

  11. Anna Wallace Says:

    Anna says: I received a phone call 4-10-2014 stating I had won $500,000. Spoke with a so called tax attorney (Jason Taylor) of Wilmington, DE of the firm of “Taylor and Cross Ass.” who was very convincing. He gave me a no. to call 202-803-4153 (US Gov. Lottery and Gaming Commission), all reps. were busy, took my no. and called me back. Agent Thomas Harris verified my winning numbers. The attorney called me back about 30 min. later and talked about the taxes due. He said he was able to bring taxes down from $218,000 to $65,100.18 to $6500. If I sent them $2000 cash (security deposit)/Western Union to: Mr. Sidney Maglaque Manila, Philippian and call attorney (302-3193160) back with receipt no. I would received my winner’s cashiers check Monday by courier I was told not to tell anyone because of confidentiality and my safety. I knew it was a scam when they asked me for money! They are very persistent. I received 14 calls after the fact (name of caller-unavailable). This morning I received another call from the attorney and I told him thanks but no thanks, I know this is a scam. He was very polite and assured me it was not a scam but because I had breached my contract with the co. by telling my children about this, I would no be able to collect prize. He said I would be receiving a letter from the US customs indicating my forfeiture of the prize winnings.

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