What to do when you become a victim of a scam

Once you realize that you have become a victim of an internet scam, such as a counterfeit money order or counterfeit cashier’s check scam, there are some things that you can do to try and help your case.

Things To Do:

  • Close any other accounts that you have at that bank so they cannot freeze those accounts
  • Turn off any direct deposits you have going into that account
  • Turn off any automatic payments or withdrawals you have coming out of that account
  • Open an account at another bank
  • Contact the money wiring service that you used.  If the money has not yet been picked up by anyone, there is a chance that they can still stop the wire transfer.

I would suggest writing a detailed letter including all of the facts, dates and times, and names and addresses, that tells your story.  You can then use this one letter to submit or send your complaint to the places listed.

This information can also be found at http://www.scamvictimsunited.com/resources_cashier’s_check.htm


2 Responses to “What to do when you become a victim of a scam”

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  2. margaret castetter Says:

    I received several communications from Mr.Francis Osie from Ghana who said he was the director a foreign bank and he had some floating funds to give to me. I was leery of his offer and did supply some information because he really sounded so legitimate. I did what I wish more people would do I contacted my bank and gave them the information that was emailed to me. I did not release the information they needed which was the bank information and my social security number. I do not plan to do that. I did reply to several of them, especially a woman calling herself Rhonda Holland from The Netherlands. She says she is dying and wants to make me her beneficiary and that The Holy SPirit gave her my email addy and approved me. She was reared in a motherless baby’s home so to speak and has less than 2 months to live.
    SHe wanted me to contact the security company who had the funds. I googled the name of the security company and I tried to call the number she provided and it was bogus. Do not reply to any of these letters. From now on just delete all spam you receive. Fortunately I called my bank and they told me it is a scam and it was published FRancis osie scam.
    The man involved in the scam is to call me and I am to tell him the FBI is looking for him and they are on his tail
    THat is what I am going to do .
    If I had not called my bank I would have been financially and personally destroyed.
    My bank people are very astute and pay attention to all things like that. When she researched and found it I felt so stupid. They really sound legitiimate.
    Be careful of wolves wearing sheep’s clothing .
    Thanks for giving me a chance to share this with other scam victims.
    I will never reply to another of these kind of emails again.
    Peg Castetter

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