Can we catch the scammers?

I get asked on a regular basis, how can we catch these scammers, and the truth is there is no good answer to that.  So far we have not found a way to catch these guys because they are in Nigeria and it would have to be the government and law enforcement over there that would have to do something about it.  We have seen a few arrests since the time we started our site, but not enough to stop the problem. 

What we have found that has helped is to report this scam to the website where you had your item listed for sale and ask them post a warning on their site that would help save others from this scam.  Social networking sites are also a great way to spread the word.  Tell everyone you know about this scam. 

Report the scam to the email provider that the scammer is using and tell them that you know that the email account of is being used by scammers; they may shut down the email account.

Then, contact your Attorney General’s office and local media and tell them about it.  Some have held press conferences to send out a warning to the entire state about this scam.

So for now, the odds of the person who scammed you being arrested and put in jail are slim, but if we cannot get them arrested let’s make sure that they don’t get as much business!  Education is really the key to stopping these scams.  Tell everyone that you know . . . you could end up saving someone from becoming a victim.


7 Responses to “Can we catch the scammers?”

  1. The Scammer News Says:

    I understand this, we here at ‘The Scammer News’ have been focusing on the convicts that hang out in our public chat rooms. Yahoo, Aol, Msn and many other public rooms are being swamped by every con & scam smelling up the internet now a days. We have been helping keep it safer by pointing out the scams & the convicts that use them.

    The Scammers News.. is a ongoing project working with YAHOO-AOL-MSN and a few other chat clients, helping to bring to focus the scams and people that use them in our chat rooms on a daily basis, costing consumers millions of dollars monthly. Read about who they are and what they do here …

  2. Chris Malta Says:

    Hi, Shawn;

    I couldn’t agree more that Social Marketing will play a big role in slowing down the number of people who are scammed online. We know that the likelihood, as you say, of scammers actually being arrested is low, but if we can educate people, perhaps we can make the “scam space” online a less profitable place for these people to do (what they call) “business”.

    I found you through Kristy’s “Work At Home Scam Blog”, and enjoyed your comments there. I’m Chris Malta, CEO of Worldwide Brands. Inc., an eBay Certified Solutions Provider. I’m also a published EBiz Author (McGraw-Hill), and EBiz Radio Talk Show host, Product Sourcing Editor for eBay Radio, etc.

    I’ve been fighting online scams for nearly ten years, and wanted to ask you to check out my site at It contains a lot of free Web 2.0 content aimed at helping people identify and avoid Home Based Internet Business scams. There are Scambuster Videos, ‘EBiz Tunes’ with a scambusting theme that I write, perform and record myself, ‘EBiz Bedtime Story Videos (!) that have a scambusting theme, and more.

    I’d love to exchange links with you if you like what you see. The more of us that can get together and spread the work, the better.

    Thanks in advance for checking it out!

  3. scamvictimsunited Says:

    Thank you for your comments Chris. I have added a link to your site, and would love it if you could return a link on your site to mine.

    Shawn Mosch
    Co-Founder of

  4. Chris Malta Says:

    Absolutely, Shawn. I find your site and your blog very informative, and it’s very nice to find another of the very rare “good guys” out here. I’ve added links to both your site and your blog in my site and my blog.

    Thanks for your time, and thanks for your efforts in helping people to navigate through their lives and their businesses without getting jumped by a scam!

  5. Dana Ramoni Says:

    Hi Shawn I found your site through Chris Malta’s site. I’ve been following Chris and his blog for a while, so anyone he recommends to his readers I like to check out for myself. Your blog seems very genuine, and I appreciate seeing that. It’s a refreshing change.

    I look forward to reading and learning more.

    p.s. I saw you registered to his forum. I look forward to seeing you on there and talking sometime. Kee up the good work.

  6. Byron Brixner Says:

    This is really one of many greater posts regarding those who Concerning read more this topic of late. Fantastic do the job.

  7. Brent Kontogianis Says:

    Very good document, well written I have to admit.

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