Secret Shopper Scams

I have talked to a lot of people over the years that have become victims of this scam, and I recently had a brush with it personally. 

I have been looking for a new job, so my information is out there on a lot of the resume posting sites, and I am guessing that is where the scammers found me.  I got a letter in the mail, along with a check for $500.  Basically, the letter told me that I had gotten a position as a secret shopper/customer service evaluator.  I was to take the check enclosed and cash it, keep $100 for my payment for the work I am doing, and then take the rest of the money and go to a Money Gram location and wire it to Ontario, Canada.  After that, I was to fill out the survey questions and fax that in to show that I have completed my assignment.

Obviously I did not do any of this.  Because I have heard of this scam, and worked with victims of it at I knew that the check was counterfeit, and if I did cash it and wire the money off, in a few days the bank would come back to me looking for me to refund the money.

With times being tough right now, and the holidays just around the corner, I could see how some people would fall for this even though all of the warning signs are there . . . a letter from a company I have never heard of before, a check that I did not know was coming to me, the letterhead says the company is in New York, the check is from a bank in Minnesota and the postmark on the letter is from Canada, I am supposed to complete the entire thing in 48 hours (they always want you to work fast so that you wire off the money before you have time to realize the check is fake).

I even went as far as to google the name of the company on the letterhead, and it turns out that they are aware of this scam and they have posted a warning on thier website.

Be careful!

Secret Shopper Scam Letter

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  1. VETTE Says:


  2. scamvictimsunited Says:

    If you have not wired any money to anyone yet, you are still safe. Bring all of the money back to your bank and tell them that you found out that this was a scam and that you are sure that the check is counterfeit. Then either block the scammer’s email address, or tell them that the bank told you that the check was counterfeit so you will not be going forward with the assignment.

    If you have already wired the money, and the money has been picked up on the other end, then the money is gone . . . if you just did this transaction within the last couple of hours, call the money wiring company and see if they can stop the wire transfer.

    There is more information on our website about these and other scams. Please feel free to contact me again if you have more questions.

    Shawn Mosch
    Co-Founder of

    Check out our blog at
    There is strength in numbers!

  3. gale holverson Says:

    I was recently a victim of a secret shopper scam I was sent a letter and a cashiers check and I checked out the company and the bank that the check was written on and it all looked legit. so I placed the check into my bank account at chase and waited for it to clear a couple days later well when I got back from nascar this weekend I found out from my bank that the cashiers check was fraudulent and that they pulled the money back out of my checking and savings and the bank refuses to help me. I was told to shop at walmart and the gap and to money gram the rest.

    gale holverson

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